Do You Know How To Install Driveway Gates?

When you install a driveway gate, some warranties will be voided if you install the gate yourself instead of hiring a professional. Next, it is very important to ensure that the ground where your swing gate will open is as high as or that it falls in the direction that the gate opens. If it is uneven and rising at a height, it could prevent your electric metal driveway gates from opening properly. Since the sliding gate doesn’t open, this isn’t a problem, but you should make sure that the ground doesn’t rise at a height on either side of the driveway.

Then, read the gate manufacturer’s instructions on how and where to set up your posts. Each gate kit may be different, requiring a different number of inches added to the gate width to set up the posts correctly. The posts will also have certain markings indicating where the bottom of the gate will be when everything is installed. It may have to face a certain direction and have a minimum of 3 inches between the mark and the ground. Be sure to check the instructions as they will vary according to the style and size of the gate, and how the gate is attached.

Once you have determined the measurements you need and marked where the posts should be, contact your local authority to make sure there are no underground lines where you will be digging. Once you are sure that it is safe to dig, use a posthole digger to dig both places to the required depth. You can dig 6 inches deeper than needed and fill those extra inches with concrete to prevent the posts from settling and causing problems with the gate later.

Finally, place one post in the hole and use a plumb-bob and level to ensure it is perfectly straight both vertically and horizontally. Then place another post in the hole and use a laser or string level to make sure it’s the same height. Also, make sure it’s full level. Double-check if the post spacing is right. Proper placement and levelling of posts is the most important part of installing an entry gate, so spend a lot of time on this step. Allow the concrete you used to install the posts for 2 days to dry before installing the gate.

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